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The SME100 Conference and Awards, formerly known as the Top Fastest Growing SMEs Awards, is a prestigious initiative by BusinessDay Media Ltd. Since its inception in 2018, this award has been dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the significant contributions and achievements of SME companies in Nigeria.

The SME Conference aims to convene a diverse group of entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, policymakers, financial experts, and technology innovators. The SME Conference and Awards Ceremony not only celebrates the accomplishments of SMEs but also highlights their pivotal role as economic growth drivers, offering a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

By honoring excellence, advocating for a conducive business environment, and fostering valuable connections, this event strives to support the ongoing success and sustainability of SMEs in Nigeria. It serves as a platform for sharing insights, best practices, and innovative solutions, empowering SMEs to overcome financing challenges and embrace digital technologies to drive their success.

The SME100 Awards recognize leaders of public and private companies who have generated sustainable value for their shareholders through strategic priorities, operational efficiencies, financial acumen, organizational values, and market engagement activities.

This Conference and Awards Ceremony presents an excellent opportunity for networking and showcasing products and services to an audience of business owners, managers, leaders, and media representatives.

Recognizing the diverse challenges faced by SMEs, such as access to funds, digital identity, and staff development, the conference is designed to address these issues and enhance business perspectives and overall efficiency.

The BusinessDay SME100 Conference and Awards is a highly anticipated event, bringing together Nigeria’s top business leaders and executives from various industries.

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Business Leaders and Executives
  • Policymakers and Government Officials
  • Financial Experts and Advisors
  • Technology Innovators and Digital Transformation Specialists
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Media Representatives
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Startups

– Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, investors, policymakers, and peers to build valuable relationships and partnerships.
– Insightful Sessions: Gain knowledge from expert-led sessions on financing, digital transformation, and other critical aspects of SME growth.
– Industry Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the SME landscape.
– Recognition and Visibility: Increase your business’s visibility by participating in an event that celebrates SME achievements.
– Knowledge Sharing: Access a platform for sharing and learning about innovative solutions and strategies to overcome business challenges.
– Investment Opportunities: Meet potential investors and discover funding options to help scale your business.
– Professional Development: Enhance your skills and knowledge through workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.
– Exhibit and Showcase: Present your products and services to a targeted audience of business owners, leaders, and media representatives.
– Policy Influence: Engage with policymakers and contribute to discussions on creating a supportive business environment for SMEs.
– Inspiration and Motivation: Hear success stories and gain inspiration from leading entrepreneurs and business experts.