Explore BusinessDay Events

Explore BusinessDay Events

Every now and then great minds come together to discuss and chart progressive courses in every sector that shapes the polity and economy of Africa. Such gatherings provide catalysts for change. BusinessDay Live events provides the platform where influential global and business leaders come together in one place to dissect, discuss and debate key issues that are happening now. Our events cut across all industries and sectors, surround yourself with the information, inspiration and people who can help you navigate change and make smarter, more profitable business decision.

Keep your finger on the pulse for BusinessDay Conferences

Powerful decision-making fast

Attend our unmissable BusinessDay conferences and events, in person or online, to stay on top of opinions, opportunities and obstacle that would help you take calculated steps to growing your business.

Hear from and network with respected decision-makers and prestigious policymakers

Whether you are attending our BD Conferences or awards, The CEO Forum, The BD Banks and Other Institutions Awards, BD Property and Investment Conference or any of the BD Webinars, you can strengthen your connections and interact with your communities. BD Live feature some of the world’s most prestigious policymakers and leaders such as below:

Prof Michael Porter

Harvard Business School

Prof Paul collier

University of Oxford

Prof Peter Tufano

University of Oxford

Prof Jeffrey Sachs

Columbia University

Dominic Barton

ex-McKinsey Head

Prof Hal Gregersen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richard Lesser

Boston Consulting Group

Efosa Ojomo

Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

BusinessDay History

Business Day, established in 2001, is a daily business newspaper based in Lagos. It is the only Nigerian newspaper with a bureau in Accra, Ghana. It has both daily and Sunday titles. It circulates in Nigeria and Ghana

BusinessDay History


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