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The corporate events arm, BusinessDay Conferences & Events, is synonymous with high-level leadership encounters, lively debate and cutting-edge insights.

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Its annual calendar features a diversified coverage of sectors and themes that provide an encompassing platform for the exposition of thought leadership, ignition of peer-to-peer exchanges, and catalyzation of policy impact by senior executives, policy-makers and public office holders.

Upcoming Events

Workplace Health & Wellbeing Conference

Mar 05 2020, Fourpoint, Lagos , Nigeria

It is a reality that the majority of organizations in Nigeria are handicapped by limited resources to deliver the level of care and quality of assistance needed to achieve the comprehensive health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Consumer Credit

Mar 25 2020, Four Point, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Conference will discuss opportunities, trends, developments and vulnerabilities facing the Consumer lending and Personal Finance sector of the Financial Services Industry, with a view to evaluating its impact on growth and development of the economy

Fuel of the Future – Unlocking Nigeria’s Gas Value Chain

April 02, 2020, Lagos, Nigeria

Gas, cleaner than oil, rewarding investors, is emerging the fuel of the future; in the past decade natural gas has accounted for 45 percent of increase in energy consumption. Due to population growth coupled with rapid urbanisation, gas-fired electric power grew demand for natural gas by 4.6 percent in 2018.


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