7 -8 February

Africa Business Convention (ABC)

Africa Business Convention is an event that welcomes an array of global thought leaders in business, politics, government, finance, policy and development etc, with the purpose proffering solutions to Africa’s economic issues while exploring opportunities on the continent.

April 18

PRINVEST – The Property Investing Conference and Exhibition

PRINVEST’s ultimate goal is to establish a unique platform where market and real estate products meet,

sparking engagements that will drive the ‘next big thing’ in the property


April 27

Payments and Fraud

The event is designed to bring industry stakeholders together to discuss and brainstorm current payment trends and fraud, and learn winning strategies in the business of payment solutions and eCommerce.

May 4

Public Service Awards (PSA)

This award recognizes persons who have made significant contributions as career public servants in at least one level of government.

June 20

AgreX – Agricultural Exports


The Agric expo brings together stakeholders in the Agric sector, who

are eager to explore ways of collaborating to boost the value chain in the sector and improve the financing model for what is noted as a viable industry.

June 24

Nigerian Investor Value Awards


The Nigerian Investor Value Awards (NIVA) recognizes leaders of public companies who have created sustainable alpha-generating value for their shareholders through their strategic priorities, operating efficiencies, organisational values, and market engagement activities.

July 13

CEO Forum

It is a must-attend event for decision-makers in Nigeria’s private sector to dissect key trends, best practices and successful business models. The CEO Forum provides a unique platform for debate around the prevailing challenges they confront in running their organisations.

July 20

Maritime Conference

A Maritime and Logistics conference is a gathering of industry professionals and experts to discuss current issues, trends, and opportunities in the maritime and logistics sectors. These conferences typically include keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities for attendees. They offer a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the industry.

August 3rd

Retail Conference

The conference will also feature panel discussions, case studies, and networking opportunities, providing participants with the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices and build new relationships with industry peers and experts.

August 17th

Building Collapse Conference

The conference on building collapse would aim to bring together experts,

stakeholders, and policymakers to discuss the causes, impacts, and solutions to the problem of building collapse. The conference would feature presentations, panel discussions, and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation towards preventing building collapse.

November 28

Nigerian Business Leadership Awards (NBLA)

The Awards recognise remarkable business leaders and organizations in Nigeria for their sustained commitment to excellence in enterprise.

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BusinessDay History

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