Future Of Payment

Virtual | 15 July 2020 | 10:00 AM

Key Speakers:

Folake Ani Mumuney

Group Head Marketing & Corporate Ltd

Dr. Kachi Onubogu

CEO, Frutta Juice& Services Ltd

Idiare Atimomo

COO/CO-Founder at Upin The Sky

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BusinessDay is pleased to invite you to the maiden edition of Masters of Marketing, a virtual conference that will investigate how decision-makers in marketing and communication roles are responding to rapid changes in their environments.

The theme of this webinar is ‘Pivoting Fast, Spending Slow: How Marketing is Adapting to Shifting Realities’. 


It is along these lines that the maiden edition of Masters of Marketing will probe how marketing departments, corporate communications teams, and consultants are:

1. Reframing the future of their categories and go-to market business models. A recurrent problematic.

2. Reassessing their priority consumer targets, particularly with regard to how their needs and behaviours have shifted or are shifting in the aftermath of COVID-19.

For example, the postponement of the Olympic Games,English Premier League and several major events

3. Reviewing how money is spent with greater attention being paid to channeling investment into the most important opportunities and those with a clear line of sight to acceptable return-on-investment.

4. Readjusting their media spending priorities and portfolios from say OOH to digital adverts budgets over the short- to medium-term

(6 – 18 months).

For instance, to what degree will Nigeria follow the developed market trends of more digital and TV spending, and less out-of-home, and experiential events?

Other areas to be explored area location shifts across TV, event sponsorships, radio, print media, social media, mobile marketing, online video, and search.


The event will have 3 panels and one fireside chat focusing on the areas listed below

1 Fireside chat:

Gazing into the crystal ball. This chat will delve into the significance of the COVID-19 pandemic for marketing departments, advertisers and agencies.

The discourse will also probe into how sustainable the heralded New Normal will be and if it will have longer durability than

New Year resolutions?

2 Advertising Outlook:

What lies ahead for messaging,channels, and spending

3 Sponsorships:

In what ways are sponsorship expectations and criteria changing

4 Live events and experiential activations:

How will B2Band retail companies sustain personalised brand awareness and engagement

Each panel discussion will have 1 moderator and no more than 4 discussants.



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