LATTICE: The telecoms technologies and trends coNFERENCE


Lattice, a major telecoms conference centred on the technologies and trends driving the telecom sector is scheduled to be held on Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Lagos. The telecommunication industry is going through a major transformation driven by changes in technology, customer behaviour and regulation. Faced by growing competition, players have had to adjust in a stark choice between flourishing and perishing.


The sector benefits from over 53,400 towers; 7,725 kilometres of fibre optic cables in the last five years, and six international submarine cables with a combined capacity of over 20 TB. Despite the nominal bandwidth capacity, there are significant infrastructure

gaps in local networks causing under-utilisation.


The event, which is being organised by BusinessDay Media Limited, West

Africa’s leading provider of business news, technology and economic intelligence, is expected to identify ways in which decision-makers in the sector can position their organisations to thrive in the emerging business landscape.

Top Nigerian telecoms giants, ISPs, MNOs, CTOs, consultants, Regulators, Telecoms associations, manufacturers/OEM, cable companies, IoT, AI, & Embedded solutions & services, big data, embassies, Investors, business leaders and other critical stakeholders in the ecosystem of the

telecommunications industry are expected to grace the conference and chart the course for the way forward in the Nigerian telecommunication space.


In addition to the conference, a telecoms exhibition where participating firms can promote their companies, products and services around, so as to facilitate investment and to create awareness of recent innovations in the telecoms sector. The exhibition will feature solutions vendors in 5G technology, IoT, digital transformation, cyber-security, cloud infrastructure, IT and communications hardware.


Every year, BusinessDay organises over thirty hybrid and digital-only events. They cut across agribusiness, financial services, power, circular economy, talent management, energy, property, investing, virtual assets, payments, regulation, executive leadership, urbanisation, infrastructure, education, foreign investment, and many more.

Target Audience

  • Regulators and researchers
  • 5G Infrastructure Providers
  • 5G Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Chief Operation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Cloud Players
  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Directors of Digital Transformation
  • Heads & directors of CAOs and VPs,
  • Heads of Digital Banking
  • Heads of Data Centre
  • Heads of Information Security
  • Management consultants and advisors
  • Business analysts, data engineers, and data governance managers
  • Telecom Equipment & Infrastructure Vendor

Thursday, JuLY 28, 2022 | Four points by sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos | 10:00 AM

If you can’t wait for your fill of Nigeria’s tech and telecom trends, then you can join this event with a free ticket!

The agenda will be packed with content curated to examine the challenges presented by the region’s pursuit of tech-enabled, 5G-ready digital economies, with a special focus on the opportunities this journey is creating for enterprise.

Why Attend?

Connect with a global community

Build with a vision to help players in the telecom sector see the next bounce of the ball, and to empower them with the information to prepare for it, Lattice will bring participants from all the key segments in the industry.

Garner actionable insights & tap thought-leadership straight from the source

Hear from over 25 C-level experts delivering insights and announcements and contribute to the conversations around how your organisation to identify all the investment opportunities in your sector, understand new business models and put you one step forward into the future.

Capitalise on new opportunities

Connect to the big players and emerging stars on the block. The industry ecosystem grows, so do your networking and business opportunities. Position your brand as a contributor and leading organisation key to the evolution of the sector.

Intriguing conversations

  1. Not so fast: The long road to 5G technology in Nigeria
  2. Yotta is the new bride: The emerging competitive dynamics of Africa’s data centre landscape
  3. Playing hard to get: The state of customer engagement, and loyalty programmes
  4. Show your green ID: Telco infrastructure, networks and sustainability
  5. Just imagine: Lessons from enterprise use cases for IoT, ML and AI
  6. Collabo rules: HSPs, SIs, OT vendors and telco edge deployment options

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