Who We Are

BusinessDay is the premier provider of business and financial intelligence and insight in West Africa and a two-time winner of the Diageo Africa business newspaper of the year award. BusinessDay is published with content from the Financial Times under a long-lasting syndication partnership that ensures that members of our community have access to unrivaled local and global insights and newsbreaks. Our summits and other thought leadership events provide platforms for discussion and debate around current & prevailing economic and industrial challenges facing Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa and have become the foremost thought leadership events dedicated to promoting a thriving private sector in Nigeria.

The CEO Forum Nigeria is an annual initiative started twelve years ago by BusinessDay Nigeria in collaboration with McKinsey & Co.

Our events seek to achieve three major objectives, namely:

  1. Knowledge sharing – gaining a rich array of insights and knowledge to help enhance their effectiveness and ability to create value
  2. Leadership development – helping to inspire and cultivate leadership skills and to positively impact the development of Nigeria
  3. Networking – with other participants, presenters, and panelists in a non-competitive environment to build enduring and impactful professional and personal relationships.

BusinessDay History

Established in 2001, BusinessDay, is West Africa's leading provider of business intelligence and market-moving news, empowering decision makers with insightful and accurate information about the continents

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