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2020 conference synopsis
The Fuel of the Future Summit is a premier convening of thought leaders, operators, regulators and stakeholders along the oil and gas industry value chain. This Summit aims to bridge the gap between the regulatory issues facing operators in the oil and gas sector and policy-makers. It provides a unique platform for debate around the prevailing challenges confronting the oil and gas sector and the emerging opportunities therein. Conversations at the summit will build on the impactful deliberations at the 2019 Oil & Gas Roundtable organised by the trio of BusinessDay, Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC) and the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), with the theme “Powering Economic Growth through Diversification”.

Nigeria is deemed to have more potential in gas than oil, with over 202 trillion cubic feet in proven gas reserves. With the current global move towards clean energy, it is no gainsaying that the future of the country, particularly its aspirations for industrialisation, socio-economic development and sustainable power generation may largely depend on harnessing this gas potential.

However, despite the opportunities along the entire upstream, midstream and downstream value chain of the energy
sector, gas development in the country today stands at just about 25% of the proven reserves. Issues such as overregulation, pricing, failure of contracts and uncertainty in the political and economic landscape of Nigeria, have been identified by stakeholders as key factors which militate against domestic gas utilisation for economic growth.

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Gas, cleaner than oil, rewarding investors, is emerging the Fuel of the Future; in the past decade natural gas has accounted for 45 percent of increase in energy consumption. Due to population growth coupled with rapid urbanization, gas-fired electric power grew demand for natural gas by 4.6 percent in 2018. Gas-based businesses in exploration, infrastructure, and transport, serving domestic and industrial users can power small businesses, generate jobs and trigger economic growth, thus complementing government policies to cushion the effect of removing petrol subsidy.

Much is however lost to the Nigerian economy from the lack of gas to power businesses due to investment shortfalls, suffocating regulation and uncompetitive domestic prices – at least 75 percent of Nigeria’s power is sourced from gas, and cheap prices keep the plants running, but leave its operators cash-strapped since tariffs do not guarantee commercial return.

Why the Fuel of The Future Summit

The Fuel of the Future Conference aims to convene policy makers and industry operators, to engage in useful dialogue aimed at positioning the oil & gas sector for increased economic impact in the coming decade. 

The timing of the Summit and the consequent activities it will engender is particularly auspicious in view of the series of efforts by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources to promote a vision of a gas – based economic future for Nigeria including the declaration of the Year 2020 as Nigeria’s Year of Gas and the recent inauguration of a National Gas Committee by the Honourable Minister of State. The commitment to this vision apparently culminated in the Final Investment Decision taken on the NLNG Train-7 in December 2019. Activities at combating gas flaring through the Nigeria Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme and other actions to ramp electricity production in Nigeria as oil

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Activities at combating gas flaring through the Nigeria Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme and other actions to ramp electricity production in Nigeria as oil majors discover more gas, as well as the recent launch of the Nigerian Gas Transportation Network Code are also in alignment with this vision.

The conference will:

  • Assess how the implementation of the policy actions contained in the 2017 National Gas Policy can be accelerated 
  • Identify emerging opportunities in the gas value chain  
  • Identify necessary regulatory tools and actions required to stimulate investment 
  • Explore how stakeholders can leverage the emerging opportunities to build the infrastructure commensurate with the ambitions and consumption demands of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy
  • Review funding sources and project financing models that may be useful for injectment in gas projects
  • Highlight lessons from local and international success stories e.g. how to attract investment, insulating investments from political cycles
Who Attends?

Executives from the following sectors will be in attendance at the Summit:

  • International Oil and Gas Companies
  • Oil Service companies
  • Petroleum Trading companies
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Industry Regulators
  • Power Sector
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Trade Associations 
  • Government Agencies
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Kristabel Eriaye +234 802 557 6094 or email [email protected]

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Director, Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR)
Director, Aspen Energy Limited
Managing Director, Axxela
Group Managing Director, Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited
Energy Consultant
Partner, ADVISORY Legal Consultants
Partner, ADVISORY Legal Consultants
Vice President, Oil Producers Trade Section OPTS and Managing Director Total E&P
Technical Adviser (TA) – Gas Business & Policy Implementation,
Head of Investment Banking FBN Quest
President, Nigerian Gas association (NGA)
Fuel of the Future conference brings the brightest minds, innovation drivers and policy makers together to chart the appropriate course for the future of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. You can’t afford to miss out on the largest gathering of national and international oil and gas industry players in Nigeria?

The Fuel of the Future Summit will consist of quality networking with key decision makers. FOF provides an unparalleled platform for strategic networking, connecting you with the right people to add value to your business. Bringing together industry professionals for an unrivalled networking experience, FOF offers extensive networking functions, providing attendees with ample opportunities to build, develop and continue business partnerships with old and new players from across the entire global value chain.

- “Perspectives from NNPC”
- “Perspectives from the OPTS”
- “Perspectives from the Manufacturing Sector”

“Nigerian Gas Sector Diagnostics – Current Status of the Gas Sector”

- How large is the market for Nigeria’s gas?

- Where are the low hanging fruit market opportunities in gas development and supply for Electric power, LNG, LPG, CNG other transportation fuels

- Is gas the solution to the fuel subsidy?

- The midstream – gas infrastructure

- Key drivers for Gas - to - Power development

- Key drivers for Gas - based industrialisation

- Where are the barriers to market development and what are the solutions?

- The Business climate as a critical driver of investment

- What are the essential roles of Government – investor’s expectations

- The Role of the Regulator

- Legal & regulatory reform

- Gas pricing reform
- Fiscal reform
- Financing structures

- Reports from the Panels
- Closing Remarks
- Communique

Establish your company’s presence within the Nigerian oil and gas and energy sector Showcase your products and services to potential buyers Create local and international partnerships within the Nigerian energy industry Generate valuable sales leads Reconnect with current clients Stay ahead of your competitors
Floor Plan
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For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Kristabel Eriaye +234 802 557 6094 or email [email protected]

For exhibition opportunities, please contact

Oluwaseun Oni +234 809 945 1851 or email [email protected]@businessday.ng

For registration and Partnership please contact

Feyisayo Borisade +234 703 496 5400 or email [email protected]

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