Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman, CPT

Independent Director/Governance & Performance Improvement Advisor

Dr Newman believes the Africa, Middle East and Asia corridor is the new global frontier, each continent with distinct jurisdictions in nature, positioning and endowment. However, for reasons including sub optimal leverage of alliance systems as well as differing degrees of human and institutional capacity, some jurisdictions within these Continents, have remained countries of potential. Because of these sovereign constraints, such entities have continued to be so impacted. She is of the view that getting regulation, governance, institutional capacity and environments right can spin so many positive derivatives for business, life and living. 

She has been a Certified Performance Technologist [CPT] of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) USA from 2008 to date. In Q3 of 2019, she took a one-year career break as an early retirement, to enable her fully transition into African International Development, Corporate Governance and Performance Improvement Advisory. She has a B.Sc in Business Administration [Financial Management], a Master’s in Business Administration [International Business], both from Ahmadu Bellow University Zaria in 1987 and 1993 respectively. She also has a 2008 Doctoral Degree in Business Administration [Leadership & Performance] from the University of Phoenix, Arizona USA.

Dr Newman has over 32 years of industry & consulting experience from a State-owned Development Finance Institution, 4 Nigerian Commercial Banks, PricewaterhouseCoopers Nigeria and FITC Nigeria. Her tenure as MD/CEO of FITC from May 2009 to September 2019, was highly impactful in Nigeria & beyond, as variously documented, reported and acknowledged. She has over the recent 14 years, consulted for Financial Institutions, International Pharmaceuticals, Conglomerates, Regulators in Aviation, Financial Services & Health Sectors, Professional Networks & Associations, a Major State Government in Nigeria, a National Fertilizer Company, Private Sector Oil & Gas Companies, 2 West African Sub Regional Institutions, a National Oil & Gas Corporation and 2 Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies. 

Since going on career break ending of 2019, she has completed an International Director Certification in Corporate Governance from INSEAD in France, published a book chapter in a manual that just got released in the United States for executives of major global corporates and graduate schools, as well as 2 articles in renown professional network journals at home and abroad. She also founded a property development company in collaboration with 3 friends earlier this 2020 and Chairs the Board of the company. Dr Newman has especially over the past 2 decades, been affiliated with and supported many secular and religious charities within Nigeria and the West African sub region. She a recipient of many personal premium domestic and international awards, including the highly coveted International Society for Performance Improvement [ISPI]’s highest individual award, the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award in 2019. She is the 30th recipient since the award was established in 1991 and the first recipient from outside North America from inception. During her watch as MD/CEO of FITC, the firm won many domestic and international partnerships and awards on Governance, Service Quality, Leadership Development & Corporate Culture. Above all, she loves her role as mom to three interesting male personalities, aged 31, 24 and 17. Her personal website is www.drlsnewman.com.


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